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Dr. Keerthana Kalva is the best skin specialist in Hyderabad. She is an expert in the systemic management of cosmetic issues and is a strong advocate of lifestyle management for skin care.

Advanced Acne and Acne Scar Treatments

Skin concerns like acne and acne scar are related to the hormonal imbalance, hair follicles, and oil glands of the face, neck, and chest. Acne and acne scars can affect almost all teenagers and even adults. Factors like hormonal imbalance, bacterial infection, dirt, stress, certain medications, wrong cosmetics application, lack of skin hygiene, pollution, and sun damage can cause acne or acne scarring. In general, acne occurs when skin pores get clogged with impurities (dust, bacteria), and an overactive oil gland secretes excess oil. This causes the growth of various acne types such as pimples, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, pustules, nodules, and many more. Acne often leaves the skin with dark acne scars that occur as a result of inflamed skin, which is caused by the healing of active acne. A wide variety of treatment options from simple creams to advanced, effective treatment helps to treat acne and acne scars. These treatments help people to obtain desired skin goals. The best aesthetic dermatologist in Hyderabad at Inform Clinics provides various skin rejuvenating procedures that are effective in treating various skin concerns effectively. Dr. Keerthana Kalva, an expert cosmetic dermatologist at Inform Clinics, provides moderate invasive skin treatments, and the results offered by these treatments are outstanding with a short recovery period.


Acne and acne scar treatment in Hyderabad provided at Inform Clinics include:


Laser treatments:


This treatment utilizes high-intensity laser light, and the laser beam is used in this treatment to prevent the growth of new pimples. It is one of the least invasive methods and involves no downtime. Q switched lasers, or laser toning is also an effective method to remove acne scars. The lasers remove dark acne scar, pigmentation, and dead skin cells, boost collagen and elastin production, and provide acne and acne scar-free skin. Laser-focused light breaks the acne scar apart, and the body's immune system removes the scar. Lasers also improve the blood circulation and give a smoother, softer texture in the treated area.


Chemical peel:


Different types of chemical peels are used to correct acne, acne scars, and dark pigmentation. Chemical peels like glycolic, TCA, and salicylic acid are applied all over the face and target skin area. The chemical peel solution exfoliates the skin and removes the topmost layer of the skin and promotes new skin cells growth that is beneficial for skin tone and texture. Chemical peels repair the skin promote safe exfoliation, and the new skin that is revealed is healthier and scar-free.




Oral and topical antibiotics are prescribed to the patients if the causative agent is acne bacteria for causing acne. One has to apply these medications as prescribed by their doctors, to avail best and safe results.




It is one of the best skin rejuvenating treatments to remove any type of scarring like acne scar, chickenpox scar, and trauma scars. The new skin generated after the treatment is disease-free and scar-free. This treatment uses a tool that contains an abrasive end part that rotates around the surface of the scar. It removes the dead skin layer, boost skin collagen and elastin production, and promotes new skin cell growth. This treatment also renews overall skin texture.


Dermal fillers:


It is composed of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance present inside the body. The fillers are injected into the skin's target area of the skin, and they improve the scar appearance and provide quick and natural results. The fillers provide volume and hydration and make the skin scar-free and healthy.




A device containing small, tiny needles is rolled over the damaged target area of the skin, causing a controlled injury. These needles stimulate the healing process and boost collagen production and improve the appearance of acne scars.


Carbon peel:


This treatment corrects enlarged open pores, acne (blackheads, whiteheads), and acne scars. The liquid carbon is applied to the skin that penetrates deep into the skin and absorbs excess oil and pollutant. Then a laser beam is applied over the skin that ablates the carbon in sebaceous glands. The treatment removes dirt, shrinks enlarged open pores, kills acne bacteria, eliminates excess oil from the skin, boost collagen production, and remove blemishes and mild wrinkles from the face. It also provides overall skin revitalization and adds radiance to the face.


Even out the skin tone with the best skin specialist in Hyderabad Dr. Keerthana Kalva at Inform Clinics. To know more about acne, acne scar, and other skin rejuvenating treatments, email at info@drkeerthanakalva.com or call at +91 7569987471.



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Advanced Pigmentation Treatment to Brighten Skin Tone

Pigmentation is a skin condition that refers to as dark spots on the skin. Aging, hormonal changes, sun damage, side effects of medications, genetics, smoking, pollution, pregnancy, and underlying medical disease can cause pigmentation. Pigmentation mostly occurs on the face, hands, back, back, and affects an individual's overall appearance. Dr. Keerthana Kalva, one of the best dermatologist in Hyderabad, provides various effective skin rejuvenating cosmetic treatments using advanced technology and procedures. Dr. Kalva, first properly analyses the condition of the patient and then conducts various laboratory and blood tests to determine the major causative agent of the skin or hair disease. After proper analysis, Dr. Kalva provides a customized treatment plan to deliver successful results. Pigmentation can occur in both dark and light skin people, and pigmentation is caused when excess melanin is produced by the body or when the skin tries to protect itself from the harmful effects of UV rays emitted by the sun. This makes the affected area of the skin dark compared to the normal color of the skin. Melasma, freckles, sun spots, liver spots, hyperpigmentation, are the most common types of pigmentation. Each of the types of pigmentation has a different cause and range of treatment. Pigmentation patches are darker than surrounding skin areas, and if this condition is not provided proper treatment at an initial phase, the condition can worsen over time. At Inform Clinics, Dr. Keerthana Kalva, the best skin doctor in Hyderabad provides various advanced and effective pigmentation treatments in Hyderabad, which include:


a. Lightening creams: These creams contain skin lightening agents that help to lighten the skin tone and help correct melasma, age spots, and other hyperpigmentation problems.


b. Laser treatment: This method uses laser light that is absorbed by the dark pigmentation, such as freckles, age spots, acne scar, melasma, and this laser light is selective to dark pigments and does not cause damage to the surrounding skin areas. The laser light breaks down the dark pigmentation into smaller particles, and the body's immune system removes the broken down pigments. The lasers also improve the blood circulation, boost collagen production, promote the growth of new skin cells, and helps an individual to achieve a lighter and brighter skin tone. Skin experts provide pigmentation laser treatment in Hyderabad at Inform Clinics using advanced and safe laser technology.


c. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light: This treatment corrects various types of pigmentation problems. IPL is a non-invasive treatment uses light energy that is absorbed by the dark melanin-containing target cells, and it does not disrupt the skin surface. This treatment works best for fair and olive color skin tone. Within a few sessions, one can see a brighter and clear skin tone.


d. Mesotherapy: In this treatment, fine needles are used to inject essential serums, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, skin lightening agents into the middle layer of the skin to treat pigmentation. This treatment helps in skin rejuvenation and rebuild the damaged collagen fibers.


e. Chemical peels: Various types of chemical peels such as superficial, medium, and deep peels contain essential acids like salicylic, mandelic, glycolic, lactic, TCA, and many more, all of which help to fight pigmentation problems. The chemical peels target the different skin layers at different depths. Depending upon the pigmentation depth, the type of peels is used. The peels remove pigmentation, exfoliate the dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production, and offers a lighter skin tone.


f. Microdermabrasion: This treatment uses a minimally abrasive treatment that gently exfoliates the damaged skin layer and is effective in treating age spots. It shrinks large open pores, improves hyperpigmentation, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.


g. Fractional CO2: This treatment uses skin resurfacing mechanism that removes the damaged skin layer and reduces fine lines, wrinkles, deeper pigmentation, and offers a youthful and lighter skin tone. The treatment creates microscopic holes in the skin, which allows the skin tissue to heal quickly, remodel the skin collagen, and the new skin is younger, smoother, and healthier.


The most effective way to prevent pigmentation at initial phase is to avoid excessive sun exposure, and other is to prevent the picking of scabs, injury spots, and acne. Pigmentation concern does not correct on its own, but an expert can help to correct this concern effectively.


Inform Clinics is the best skin clinic that provides optimum customized treatment for pigmentation and other skin concerns. At the clinic, the procedures are performed under the supervision of skin expert Dr. Keerthana Kalva. To know more about pigmentation treatment cost in Hyderabad, visit Inform Clinics.



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